About Us/ Message of the Founder


The aim of the Association is to support and help people with disabilities from the East African community in Leicester to improve their quality of life, to empower them through increasing income opportunities, developing their basic skills, enabling them to access education and training opportunities.

Before institutionalising our activity in the form of Leicester Disabled Action Group, we experienced within our community, family and social network, that children, women, elders and young persons with disability were facing hardship conditions to live a descent daily life. They were struggling to access health, education and benefit services. And when they overcome the initial difficulties, they remain alone and/or with their family support. We know and believe that, enabled and disabled people organised and determined to work hard, we can create add value to improve our individuals and social conditions.

The LDAG's first operative project intended to:

a) Map up the number, the situation and the categories (children, women, youngsters, adults and elders) in disabled conditions b) Overview their particular needs, the services available, accessibility to the services (housing, health, education and employment opportunities). c) Campaign, support and advocate that the available services reflect the rights, choices and needs of each individual. d) Provide direct confidential and friendly assistance in conducting normal community life and also create some free services in interpreting, transportation to and from public venues, leisure time and sport facilities.

One of the projects we have successfully delivered and continuing to deliver is a home service. Through this we offer home visits to our disabled customer who may have difficulties in getting to our office, to do the shopping or see the GP or simply go to the premises of service providers. Beneficiaries of the project will be disabled children and their parents, carers and fosters as well as disabled adults and their carers.